So OK you can shrink your electricity bills and you are quite happy about that but what about eliminating them altogether?

Lots of South Australians are expressing interest in installing a battery storage system, some are fed up with energy companies, some want to be less reliant on the grid, but everyone wants to save money, why pay for power when you can generate and store your own. Adelaide sparks & solar can design solar/storage package to suit your energy requirements, this type of system could reduce your reliance on the grid by up to 80%, and provide power in the event of a blackout


For many south Australians, batteries are still too expensive, we can design a battery ready system, suitably sized, that can be installed in stages, this will allow you to start saving on your daily use right away and batteries can be added at a later stage.


A solar system could save you thousands of dollars a year, but if not properly maintained the longevity and performance of the system could be considerably reduced.

By servicing and maintaining your existing solar system, you can be confident that its performing to its full potential, regular maintenance checks can identify and repair any faults that might occur. our service checks include

  • Check connections and correct operation of each panel
  • Correct operation of the inverter
  • Measure and record KW output of inverter
  • Check for water ingress of isolation switches
  • Panel cleaning